More and more businesses are choosing to have their business locations photographed and mapped out by Google Business View.

What is Google Business View?

Most people are now familiar with Google Streetview – interactive 360° maps that you navigate and explore, observing the locations as if you are actually there in person. Google Business View takes this one step further by providing this high quality experience of your business location. Take a look at the example below of the first class suite on board an Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft or see’s 10 coolest examples »

Who provides Google Business View?

There are a number of Google Certified Photographers and Agencies that can provide this service for you. Click here to search for those closest to you.

How can I make the most of my Business View when completed?

Once a photographer has been out to carry out your Business View, it will be processed and uploaded to Google within a few weeks. Business Views can then be viewed by anybody searching for your business on Google Maps.

For added benefit, Google also offer an embed code that allows you to include your own business view on your website. Click here for instructions on how to do this. If that seems a little complicated, call us on 07866 527348 and we’ll help you out.